After the ink is dry


The contract is signed, sealed and delivered, now what?

Tying up loose contract strings.

The contract may contain open items that need to be addressed before the event.  For example, finalizing a topic for the speaker, finding volunteers, securing technical equipment and making travel and hotel reservations.

Getting the word out.

People won’t necessarily come to your event just because you've found great talent.  Promote, promote, promote!  Hang posters, advertise, create event brochures, get interviewed on the radio, and urge others to pass the word.  We can send you photos that may be needed to advertise the event and / or for your event’s program.  If needed, we can also help out with some of this material.

Help the talent help you.

Increase your chances of having a successful event by educating the presenter about your organization, event and audience.  Send literature that explains your organization and / or event (e.g. brochures, news articles, web site address, etc.).  This will help the presenter tailor their message for your event.

Check and Recheck

Send reminders to people regarding their responsibilities (e.g., transportation for the speaker / entertainer, A/V setup, book / CD sales, etc.) and get confirmations for equipment, product and service orders.

Related Social Functions

Additional social events that you want the speaker / entertainer to attend should be in the contract.  Explicitly state the date, time and place of these events along with the time commitment needed and description of the additional event.  Presenters will usually be able to attend any meals that are close to the time of their performance.

Day of the Event

Arrive at the event’s site early to ensure that everything is on schedule. The room may be too warm or cold, a door may be locked, etc.  A/V setup can be especially troublesome.  Be sure that the equipment is not only set up but working properly; give it a sound check.

Keep in Touch

Contact us at any time with any questions or comments regarding your upcoming event.  We want to make sure everything runs smoothly; communication is a good thing.



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