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Walter's Lectures


  • Attitude

  • Change

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Leadership

  • Motivation

  • Personal Growth

  • Sports

  • Teamwork

  • Work / Life Balance

Lecture Titles

Walter can customize his talks to fit your needs.  Example of specific programs include:

TEAMWORK:  The Best Team Always Wins

If you want to know what makes the most successful teams tick, and then how to put them to work for your organization, this is the seminar for you.  Walter will share his experiences from more than 20 years of involvement on organized teams, including time in the NCAA and NBA.  After this seminar, you’ll be ready to build and run teams that will significantly improve employee experiences, productivity, morale, retention—and ultimately your bottom line.  

MOTIVATION: No One Can Stop You, But YOU!

Sit back and get ready for an entertaining presentation of unforgettable stories and analogies that can even inspire the uninspired.  You’ll walk away from this seminar ready to use the talents you already have, to dig a little deeper, to honestly evaluate yourself—and then to achieve everything you want and more.  You’ll also have the power to knock down any obstacles that have been standing in your way.

LEADERSHIP: Winners, Losers and Champions—there is a Difference

What makes an effective leader?  How can they benefit your organization?  Walter will show you how to create leaders who bring out the best in all of your employees, and the best in your organization.  By doing so, you’ll be able to create an organization where every employee—no matter their role—can use leadership skills to develop successful relationships among their co-workers, vendors and clients.

ATTITUDE:  The Winning Edge 

We’ve all heard that “attitude is everything,” but Walter will show you just how important it can really be to your organization.  He’ll show you how to eliminate the “stinking thinking” that prevents people from perceiving and using every situation to their advantage, and from working to their full potential.  Then, you’ll see how this simple attitude adjustment will reach far into improving your situation, personal and professional.  

Seven Laws of Achieving Greatness  

  • Establishing a super-size vision

  • Becoming a predator not a prey

  • Building a positive attitude

  • Setting attainable goals

  • Developing discipline

  • Managing your time  


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