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What People Are Saying...

“A belated thank you for your presentation you did for us in January. We enjoyed having you with us and have had numerous positive responses to your motivational message. As a meeting planner, I appreciated your kind and enthusiastic staff. We contacted you very late in the game and you so quickly got to know who ING was and personalized your presentation. I also appreciated you coming to dinner with the group and getting to know them a little before the meeting. Thank you, again, and I hope we can use you for another ING group in the future!”

Jana Stern
Director, Conventions

“I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for the great job you did at our region’s recognition event in South Dakota. I appreciate all the time you spent getting background on our group as it made your presentation more meaningful. You kept the attention of the audience and your presentation was entertaining and informative. Again thank you for your contribution to a very successful event for our Wells Fargo Team.”

Terry Baloun
President and CEO
Wells Fargo, North Dakota

 “On behalf of Knutson Construction Services, thank you for a simply fantastic presentation. Knutson has been conducting bi-annual safety training for 11 years. When people were heading home, numerous participants made comments that this was the best seminar we ever conducted. The success of the program goes to you. The presentation was entertaining, motivational, but most of all inspirational. Your ability to weave the story of your basketball and other personal achievements, and relating them to construction was exceptional. It was apparent you thoroughly researched our company. Thanks again, and I look forward to using your service in the future.”

Mike Nielsen
Safety Director
Knutson Construction

"Walter Bond was the opening speaker at the 2005 Arkansas Realtors State Association Convention. Walter's grace and his ability to walk the line between confidence and arrogance were both evident as a speaker, and in his message. This man understands the benefits of true dedication and its necessity for success in all walks of life.

I have had the good fortune to see him twice in my life and will see him again the next chance I get. I have his DVD to share with my family and friends. I highly recommend Walter Bond to any organization that is looking for a speaker that can motivate with real life humor and common sense."

                                                                                                   Randy Porter

Arkansas Association of Realtors


"The 2004 AmericInn Annual Convention was a huge success.  Thank you for making this a memorable event for our franchisees!  Your personalized presentation was very well received by our attendees as well as our corporate staff.  The enthusiasm you  displayed toward our product is unparalleled.   On a scale of 1-5 with 5 being excellent, your score reflected an average of 4.80.  Congratulations on a superior rating!


Please review what our attendees had to say about your presentation:


'Walter Bond was fantastic, entertaining and informative.'

'Walter Bond was very good, this is how all speakers should be.'

'Walter Bond is awesome.'

Walter had an excellent message.'

'I enjoyed Walter Bond tremendously.  He was very informative and motivational.'

"Walter Bond just radiated energy and enthusiasm.'

'Walter presented a pure and genuine presentation, an experience I will remember for a lifetime.'


You played a major role in making our event unforgettable."


Jim Bridger

Director of Franchise Services

AmeriInn International, LLC

"Thank you for the wonderful keynote address you gave at the Minnesota Legal Administrators Association 14th Annual Education Conference and Exposition.  Your topic "No One Can Stop You But You!" was the hit of the conference.  All day attendees approached me to tell me that was the best kickoff to a conference they had ever heard.  Others were impressed that you had taken the time to learn what we do and were able to weave that into your personal stories and examples.  The style and humor with which you delivered your message was perfect for this group and won't be forgotten by anyone."

Sarah K. Taylor


Minnesota Legal Administrators Association


"You did a great job in setting a positive tone for our meeting.   Your presentation was very well-received by our members."

Kathi Bretcko

Association Manager

Independent Laboratory Distributors Association





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