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About Michael

Michael is an expert on many topics because of his keen intellect, photographic memory and varied background (author, liberal consultant and speech writer, conservative talk show host, movie critic, columnist and more). 


  • Nationally Syndicated Talk Show Host

  • Author

  • Movie Critic

  • Columnist


Born in Philadelphia, educated in public schools in San Diego and Los Angeles, Michael attended Yale as a National Merit Scholar, graduating with honors as an American History major. He then attended Yale Law School (where his classmates included Bill and Hillary Clinton) before going to work as a political speechwriter and consultant for a variety of liberal candidates and office-holders.

 Michael’s first book “WHAT REALLY HAPPENED TO THE CLASS OF ’65?” provided one of the first skeptical reconsiderations of the 1960’s counterculture, and became the basis for a weekly TV series on NBC. That program led to Michael’s work as a Hollywood screenwriter and movie critic, first on CNN, then for twelve years as co-host of “Sneak Previews” on PBS-TV. He also served as chief film critic for the New York Post before launching his radio show in 1996.

Medved’s most recent books include “HOLLYWOOD VS. AMERICA,” a searing indictment of the entertainment industry and, with his wife, clinical psychologist Dr. Diane Medved, “SAVING CHILDHOOD: PROTECTING OUR CHILDREN FROM THE NATIONAL ASSAULT ON INNOCENCE.” His tenth book, “RIGHT TURNS,” drew national attention in 2005, recounting Michael’s dramatic transition from “punk liberal activist” to “lovable conservative curmudgeon.” His columns on media and society appear regularly in USA TODAY where he is a member of the Board of Contributors.

   Long active in the Jewish community, Michael has served as president of an Orthodox congregation, and co-founder of a Jewish Day School. Since 1996, the Medveds have lived in the Seattle area with their three children.






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