John Branyan - comedian





What People Are Saying...

"John was wonderful!  Everyone with our company talked about how funny he was the whole next day.  We would love to have him entertain us again! "

Kay Erke - Midwest Crop Insurance

"He made our audiences laugh very hard...and there's never a swear word or innuendo...he's welcome at the Improv anytime... "

Improv Comedy Club, West Palm Beach FL

"...Deciding to bring a comedian in to our annual fundraising dinner was a risk for our organization. Would the comedian provide a clean program and be funny? John Branyan did just that! Not only was his material family friendly but he was absolutely hilarious! John engaged our audience and helped us set a record in donations for our annual event. I would invite him back in a heart beat!"

 Ribbon of Hope Cancer Support, Elkhart IN

"...John made the audience roar with laughter during many of our radio show performances...I was never more happy to have someone steal the show.."

Tom Wright - Hoosier Jubilee Radio Program, Indianapolis IN

"John far exceeded our expectations - he was hysterical!  He had everyone in the crowd roaring with laughter and wanting more!  We would highly recommend him for any event, but especially for those who require 'clean' comedy."

New Leaf Resources, Alsip IL

"John will turn you inside out with CLEAN hilarious laughter!!!... then delicately, like a master surgeon reach into your heart with what REALLY counts in life... "

The Breakfast Club, Clearwater FL

"... lets loose for nearly an hour with rapid-fire tales of everything from childhood to his grandparents... There is actual knee-slapping going on in the theater...material is fresh in the hands of this polished performer...clever, professional and for all ages, reminding one of some of Bill Cosby's comedy albums... "

Tulsa World, Tulsa OK


"John did an excellent job engaging the audience... had the audience rolling on the floor laughing."

Cedarville University, Cearville, OH



"...a brilliant stream-of-consciousness journey...It's the kind of show where the woman behind you is constantly jabbing her male companion and whispering, "See, just like us." And he grunts. "

The Washington Post, Washington DC

"...a hilarious, energetic performance...Branyan is no stand-up comedian. He's more of a bounce-around, fall-to-the-floor and even sing-a-little-bit comedian.. "

Courier-Journal, Louisville KY

" ...a nonstop, laugh-out-loud, one-man tour de force...excellent use of physical hardly has time to catch his or her breath from one laugh to another."

The Edmund Sun, Edmund OK

" ...consistently funny...spots of brilliance..."

Dallas Morning News, Dallas TX




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