JL Glass - motivational speaker


Topic Categories

  • Attitude

  • Creativity

  • Customer Service

  • Ethics

  • Happiness

  • Internet

  • Marketing

  • Management


  • You're Attitude Has A Steering Wheel                      Learning to control the direction of your day, your life, and your world.

  • How To Be Happy In An Unhappy World                     What to do when bad things happen to you. 

  • A Million Dollars Is Only One Good Idea Away       How to stimulate creative problem solving for any problem.

  • Stress Factor                                                   Don't cope with stress, get rid of it.  

  • Mastering The Art Of Marketing (Full Day)           Using creativity and know-how when low on cash. 

  • Master The Art Of Destroying A Good Business Learn why employees, management and ethics matter.    

  • Can I Throw Spitwads At My Customers?

Marketing Workshops

  • Measuring Advertising ROI                 

  • FBI - Focus Behind The Internet                          Secrets that optimize any website for greater success.                

  • Creating A Budget And Strategy That Works For You




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