JL Glass - motivational speaker


What people are saying.....

"You gave us one of our best keynotes ever!  Thanks for your energetic delivery and uplifting message."

Bank Holding Company - Upper Midwest

"You made 90 minutes seem like 5.  You have an uncanny ability to energize an audience."

Aurora Health - Marketing Conference


"Your workshop was the best of all the conference.”

CCMA - National Conference

New Mexico  

"You kept my attention 95% of the time which is better than anybody has ever done.”


Minneapolis, MN

"Our conference was a huge success as measured by the feedback from those who attended.”

"Probably the best, most relevant speaker I have heard over many years."

Minnesota Medical Group Mangement Association

(Topic: "Your Attitude Has a Steering Wheel.")

"Highly entertaining.  His insight and comments really made me think.”

"Very refreshing approach.  Hopeful and inspiring to me."

"Great message and extremely motivating!!"

"I look forward to buying his book!  I love the blend of comedy and reality."

Minnesota Chamber of Commerce Executives

(Topic: "Your Attitude Has a Steering Wheel.")

"Very personable presenter - great ideas!”

"J.L. was great.  Presented ideas I can use - and will."

"Very funny - made my day."

"WOW, more fun than I've had in a long time at an Ad Fed Luncheon"

Advertising Federation of Minnesota

(Topic: "A Million Dollars Is Only One Good Idea Away")

"To find the right words to describe your keynote address will not be difficult.  From the start you had captured everyone in the room with your wit and then with your poignant message.  I cannot remember ever seeing an audience laugh so hard as I did during the Hoo Hoo international Luncheon.  As easily as you had them laughing, you also touched their hearts... "

HOO HOO International

(Topic: "Your Attitude Has a Steering Wheel.") 

"Thoroughly enjoyed JL!!  Very energizing!"

"Bring JL back!  It was a fantastic way to get started and motivated."

Michigan Credit Union League

(Topic: "Marketing for Success.") 

"After attending many presentations for business, I found your communication powerful.  So much of your story referenced experiences and thoughts I've had.  Thank you so much for starting a pathway to change."

"I really enjoyed you presentation.  Your genuineness show, which makes you credible."

"Mr Glass, No matter how successful I am, I still expect to fail.  Today you have changed that belief!  Thank you!"

Aurora Health Care

(Topic: "Your Attitude Has a Steering Wheel.")

"Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!  Your contribution to our fall conference made this our most successful to date.  Feedback from our members for both your banquet and keynote speech were very positive.  If you ever need a referral, don't hesitate to call me.  Thanks again."


Bank Holding Company Assocation

(Topic: "Your Attitude Has a Steering Wheel.") 

"You are absolutely the most genuine speaker I have ever listened to.  Thank you for your honesty and commitment to helping others."

Denver Public Schools Credit Union


"Thanks for all of the great tips and laughs.  You were a great speaker."

Macomb Schools and Government Credit Union


"First and foremost, thanks for your humor.  I enjoyed hearing your information.  You also had great ideas we can put to work."

North Dakota / South Dakota Credit Union League & Affiliates


"JL, it is very seldom that I get to hear someone with such wisdom on life.  I will definitely take your words to heart and try to apply them to my own life."

Space Age Federal Credit Union


"Your workshops were a big hit.  You received some of the highest marks of our conference"

Washington Credit Union League







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