JL Glass - motivational speaker


About JL

JL travels across the country as a motivational speaker for corporations and associations.  From Connecticut to California he's entertained audiences such as California Banker's Association, Department of Agriculture-AR to Aurora Health Partners (Wisconsin's largest employer).

Where Does He Come From

JL Glass, President and owner of Leland & Associates, has developed a client list over the years that includes: SAM'S Club, Genmar, Texaco Lubricants - Houston, Texaco Xpress Lubes - MN, Billy Graham Association, National Association of Parents & Educators - MN, Next Media, Mercy & Unity Hospitals, ACE Hardware - MN and REMAX associates plus, just to name a few.

What's He Like?

JL is known to possess a very positive and outgoing personality. His humorous approach to life is well known amongst his clients, business associates and friends. As an entrepreneur who has owned several businesses over the last 20 years, JL has had countless opportunities to live out the experiences that provide credibility to his message.

Who Listens To Him?

JL is a sought after speaker for youth organizations, schools, chambers, corporate events, conventions, seminars and even churches. These include University of MN - Carlson School of Management, Columbia Heights, MN Police Dept., Spring Lake Park High School, Northeast State Bank, Michigan Credit Union League, Emmanuel Christian Center, Oklahoma Credit Union League, Twin Cities North Chamber of Commerce, Twin West Chamber of Commerce, Hoo Hoo International Conference (no really-they're on the web), Scott County Employees and many others.

Who Doesn't Listens To Him?

His daughter the "grumpy princess - His mom the "matron of grumpy princess’s - on occasion the IRS, and his daughter's cat, "Mischief" whose tail doubles as a handle. (just kidding)  

How Many People Have Died Listening To Him?

Just 3- not counting the guy who died just before he got there.






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