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Stop booking bland speakers! Book someone who will make your audience laugh while they are learning.  JL Glass explains, from his own experiences, how creativity and resilience make for a recipe of success.

Research has shown that laughter can stimulate the immune system, increase natural painkillers in the blood, reduce stress, and even decrease systemic inflammation, something that is increasingly linked to many diseases. If that is true, sitting in an audience while listening to JL should be considered better than a visit to the doctor's office. 

As one of the funniest speakers in the country, JL uses his gift for humor to make learning fun. From a wide collection of topics such as self improvement, customer service and marketing, JL never misses an opportunity to entertain while he delivers his message. He is a favorite for keynotes as well as for workshops and corporate retreats.

What do they find so funny? People often enjoy laughing at JL's pathetic attempts to become a good business owner, son, husband, and father. They even laugh at his credit report and the fact that nobody in their right mind would steal his identity. If it's a Learn-While-You-Laugh experience you desire, JL is your guy.

"I started life with nothing and I still have most of it".

For JL Glass, life has consisted of being fired, being late, being forgetful, losing money and struggling with a lack of discipline.  Why then would anyone ask him to speak on the subject of success?  For the majority  of businesses, success doesn't happen without creative problem solving and resilience and not many people possess these qualities in quite the same manner as JL.  He has created million dollar ideas for organizations such as Texaco, Genmar Inc., SAM's Club, and the Minnesota Twins, among others.  His humorous approach to problem solving as a business owner, manager of employees and consultant to others is well known amongst his friends and business associates.  

 If you wish to improve your ability to think creatively, then you'll want to hear JL share secrets to unlocking creative ideas that translate into greater successs in business, at home and at play. 

"You are absolutely the most genuine speaker I have ever listened to.  Thank you for your honesty and commitment to helping others"    

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