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Sustaining Motivation in Life & Work

(Get Up Off Your Butt & Do It NOW! - Even When You Don't Feel Like It!)

Are you allowing fear, doubt, and negative people to sabotage your success? Do you have trouble staying motivated, energized, and focused during the more difficult moments in life & work? In this interactive and life-changing workshop based on Jermaine’s first book, Get Up Off Your Butt & Do It Now!, you will learn how to overcome life’s barriers and reach your dreams, goals, and aspirations.

Discover how to get to the top of your career. Learn how to conquer procrastination and maintain motivation even when you don’t feel motivated. Achieve your full potential and live your best life personally and professionally. Discover your purpose, live your vision, and accomplish your goals—and get everything you ever wanted out of life & work.

 Never ARGUE Again in a Meeting! (The 5 Secrets of Communication)

Do you leave meetings feeling angry, frustrated, and exhausted? Are you tired of not getting along with team members? In this interactive session you will to learn to reduce anger in others, appropriately agree to disagree, and respond effectively to critics, cynics, complainers, and whiners.

 Ouch that Hurts! (Stopping Inappropriateness at the Workplace)

 Is your organization diversity friendly and welcoming? Does it handle diversity conflict with confidence and skill? Participants will learn to respond effectively to inappropriate racist, sexist, homophobic, and religious intolerant behaviors and comments. This session is based on Jermaine’s latest book, Be Diversity Competent! The Art of Understanding and Communicating Effectively with Diverse People.

You Don’t Have to Sell Out to Stand Out! (Women’s Leadership) 

Have you ever worked on a project only to have someone take credit for your hard work? Do you know your personal and professional worth and value, but have difficulty asking for what you deserve in the workplace? Have you had to choose between family and work? With all the challenges and hurdles women face in today’s work environment, you may be asking, “What can I do to stand out in my career?”

Jermaine will address many of your questions using the insights he gained from interviewing 50 professional women in various positions across many different kinds of organizations. He will relate the powerful experiences he learned from co-authoring the life-changing book, You Don’t Have to Sell Out to Stand Out! In this interactive workshop, Jermaine will provide you with a few of the 50 Stand Out Gifts. So get ready to have fun and learn what it takes to “stand out” in your professional career! 

The 5 Cs of Building Credibility as a Leader 

Are you a trustworthy leader? What does Dr. King, Oprah Winfrey, Ghandi, and Mother Teresa all have in common? Credibility and believability with their followers. It is imperative to build trust with team members if you want to motivate, inspire, and influence them to achieve the organization’s goals. This session is based on Jermaine’s book, Leading with Greatness!

Achieving Work & Life Balance
(Beat Burnout before It Brutally Beats You)

Are you or your team stressed out, rusted out, or burned out? How can you rekindle your passion, especially in this challenging economic and social climate?  Are there ways to help students achieve more balance?  How can young people remain positive and motivated? Become aware of the stress factors and burnout indicators that deplete your energy and enthusiasm for life, school, & work.

Jermaine’s engaging workshop will provide the tools and tips to re-energize and renew your personal and professional commitments and relationships. Grow…prosper…create an environment and lifestyle equipped to balance stress. Beat burnout and strengthen your workforce—and yourself. 

Transforming Adversity
(Overcoming Obstacles To Achieve Success)

Feeling helpless? Hopeless? Feel like adversity is getting you down? Don’t waste time asking, “Why me?” Help yourself and others achieve confidence, composure, and clarity as you and they develop mental and emotional strength by defeating stress, burnout, and frustration. Jermaine will teach you how to turn your failures into seeds of greatness.

 Creating Organizational Synergy Through Diversity Competence

(The Art of Understanding & Communicating Effectively With Others)

Be diversity competent! Bring out the academic, individual, and professional best in people. Develop attitudinal, behavioral, and communication skills that allow individuals, teams, and organizations to live and work more cohesively together. Diversity competence encompasses more than gender and race. It is the ability to communicate effectively across cultural lines. It is the practical skill-set training to help employees feel more respected, valued, and welcomed. Diversity competence is the foundation for organizations that need to increase productivity, reduce high employee turnover, and that want to attract, recruit, and retain employees of color.

Thriving & Succeeding As A Team

(Moving From Chaos & Conflict to Communication & Cooperation)

Cohesive teams promote powerful, positive, and productive work environments. Successful team collaboration supports and strengthens the strategic direction of every organization. Once you recognize and overcome team conflicts, you can build alliances to support the vision and values of the organization.

In this fun, interactive session, Jermaine will show you how to build team trust, harness and eliminate negative attitudes and emotions, and conquer anger, resentment, and hostility. Successful team collaboration rests on a foundation of effective communication, cooperation, and trust.

Moving Organizations Forward as Relationship-Based Leaders With Greatness!

Future profits and organizational success depend on a leader’s ability to motivate, inspire, and influence employees. Leaders must be able to build team trust, communicate effectively, and develop employees to accomplish team goals. Relationship-based leaders utilize the strengths of their colleagues and employees; provide support for personal and professional development; encourage employee and student engagement; and rally teams around the mission, vision, and strategic direction of the organization.

Through this interactive workshop, based on Jermaine’s book, Leading with Greatness!, Jermaine teaches leaders, administrators, managers, and supervisors how to use the principles of relationship-based leadership. Jermaine will help you take your team or organization to the next level of success.

The Power of Connecting With Others in Life & Work

(Communicate Like a Champ & Avoid Irritating Your Colleagues & Clients)

 According to the book Maximum Achievement, “85% of success in life is contained in one’s ability to communicate effectively.” However, many difficulties facing today’s organizations stem from a lack of effective communication. Poor workplace communication is disrespectful and ruins relationships, which results in below-average productivity, team friction, loss of customers, and declining sales.

In this interactive and thought-provoking workshop, Jermaine coaches you to embrace one of the most-forgotten challenges in communication—engaged listening. As a competent communicator, you will be able to deal effectively with difficult people, increase cooperation from others, recognize critical messages hidden in body language, reduce conflict, and respond effectively in stressful situations.

The K.E.E.P. U.S. Philosophy of Customer Service

(It's Not Who You Attract - It's Who You Keep!)

Save your organization 1 million dollars! It costs 5 times more for a business to attract a new customer than it does to keep an existing customer. This workshop will teach you proven and practical strategies to keep your customers coming back. Jermaine will explain how to practice communication principles to nurture great business relationships with co-workers and customers.

Remember that all customers have a choice where and when they shop for products and services. Successful business relationships combine getting the sale with cultivating a long-term and sustainable customer relationship. When you study the cost-effectiveness of customer retention, you quickly realize the benefits to your bottom line. In this workshop, you will learn to engage in a more proactive customer service approach that focuses on customers who are likely to provide the greatest future returns.

Presentation Skills for Leaders & Sales People

(Speaking With Competence, Confidence & Charisma)

Studies show that people are more afraid of public speaking than they are of death! Can you or members of your team relate to this statement? Are you or your colleagues missing out on opportunities to share key messages due to a fear of public speaking?

Learn to not allow fear, anxiety, or nervousness to prevent you from being the best leader, sales person, or supervisor you can be. Jermaine will offer coaching tools and techniques to strengthen your comfort level in meetings and presentations. This workshop is an educational experience for leaders who need help articulating their ideas and capturing important sales or marketing opportunities





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