Jermaine M. Davis - speaker


About Jermaine

  • Jermaine M. Davis is the son of Carolyn “Charmaine” Davis, single mother of four children. He grew up on the west side of Chicago in the housing projects. After the unfortunate loss of six family members to street violence, Jermaine enrolled in college and began studying success and motivational principles to change the direction of his life.

  • Jermaine completed college, earning a BA in Speech Communication and continued his education to complete an MA in Speech Communication and an MA in Education.

  • His first professional career was in corporate America as a salesperson. After holding several corporate positions, he decided to honor his calling and follow his personal passion to teach and reach others: Jermaine became a college professor.

  • Jermaine has been actively teaching for more than ten years, during which he received the prestigious student-nominated College Instructor of the Year Award.

  • Jermaine is CEO, founder, and president of two companies: Seminars & Workshops, Inc., and Snack Attack Vending of Minnesota. He is currently a professor of Communication Studies at Century College in Minnesota.

  • Jermaine delivers keynotes and workshops to thousands of people each year, and has worked with hundreds of organizations across the United States.  His programs are derived from real-life experiences, academic studies plus a quest for knowledge through reading and research.





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