The Duct Tape Guys - comedians


The Shows

The Stand Up-Show:

The Duct Tape Guys arrive on stage with over 150 pounds of props, several rolls of duct tape, and a ton of well-seasoned, bizarrely creative, "breathtakingly stupid" humor that appeals to all ages, and all socio-economic profiles. The half-hour format allows for a good, solid, smoothly-flowing presentation with lots of laughs and just the right amount of "catch your breath time" built in. Just as planned, The Duct Tape Guys leave their audiences wanting more, but still absolutely delighted - and, probably somewhat dumbfounded as to what exactly it was they just experienced.

Program Length: 30 -50 minutes (based on customer preference).

Duct Tape; The Musical:

The world’s first and only 90-minute musical tribute to Duct Tape. It’s a mess of props, a ton of g-rated comedy and just enough music to qualify as a “musical” – all bound together with duct tape. The production is road-ready, hugely entertaining and travels light. 

The show has original music from ballads to rap, video newsreels and commercials, chain saw juggling and harmonicarp playing. The effect the show has on audiences can best be summed up in the words of Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin’s past mayor: “I haven’t laughed so hard in my entire life! That was fantastically entertaining!"

Program Length: approx. 90 minutes.


Extended Shows

Wacky Tacky Creations:

A duct tape invention contest component is added following the Duct Tape Guys' stand-up act. Teams are provided with duct tape to construct the biggest, wackiest and/or most clever duct tape creation. When the timed "construction period" ends, team members show their inventions on stage (ala a fashion show) and audience members vote which creation is the most creative, the most useful, the largest, the lamest, the wackiest…  

Program Length: 50 to 120 minutes.

Creative Thinking:

Following the Duct Tape Guys' stage show (based entirely on brainstorming uses for duct tape), the group is introduced to brainstorming techniques, learning to think out-of-the-box and how to creatively solve problems both hypothetical and real.

Program Length: 90 to 120 minutes.




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