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What People Are Saying...

"You [Tim] and Jim really helped get our dealers off to a great start Sunday morning. The Duct Tape Guys drew the biggest group we've ever had for a breakfast meeting at the market [over 800]. We heard from many of our dealers how much they enjoyed being entertained at that time of the day. Thank you for getting up so early to be part of our program. Hopefully, we'll have an opportunity to work together again."

Rick Mattson and Arlene Harrison, United Hardware Distributing

"You guys are the biggest crowd draw of our shows!"

Rob Lynch, President of Orchard Supply Hardware in reference to The Duct Tape Guys' appearances at their "How To Fairs" (the other regular performers are celebrities from PBS, HGTV, and various television and radio shows).

"I haven't laughed so hard in my entire life! Thanks, that was amazing!"

Bob Starr, Starr Realty

"There is an interesting cultural movement on duct tape in the US. People are using it for far more than just repairs. The Duct Tape Guys have a strong following. Any time the media (TV, radio, print..) is looking for a person to interview on the subject, The Duct Tape Guys are first on the interview list. "

Gary Medalis, Vice President Marketing,     DuckŪ brand Products

"You guys are as funny as Penn and Teller! No wait... YOU’RE FUNNIER!"

Rogers Cable, Toronto

"Tim and Jim were real professionals. Working with our P.R. agency, they had a full slate of media interviews. Walking through the lobby before the show you could hear the crowd talking about their interviews. Great job!"

Sherry Larsen, American Shows (Sacramento, CA)

"We were delighted to have you here. I will put the word out to the National and our State [HBA] Association. You were just great to work with. Again, thank you!!!"

 Tommie Sprague, HBA of Lenawee County, Michigan

"Having the Duct Tape Guys perform at our home show was a pleasure! Their spirit of cooperation and their willingness to be accessible made our show fun for our visitors and especially our staff. We plan to bring them back in the near future! Great guys!"

 Builder’s Association of Erie Pennsylvania

"Thanks so much for all your hard work and humor. You guys made our home show a terriffic success. Everybody enjoyed your act and is very interested in having you back next year in a larger venue!"

 Jake Loyer, MIS Director

"The Duct Tape Guys are easy to work with. We booked the act very late. With greater lead time we feel this could definitely be a draw for male attendees. We will hire them again."

Expositions, Inc., Cleveland, Ohio

"The hardware industry can’t go wrong with these guys! They know hardware and they know how to have a good time!"

Rick Gomez, Orchard Supply Hardware

"[Our client] called to say how much he appreciated the effort from you guys and truly how pleased he was with the impact you made throughout the day. We LOVE you guys!"

Brian Hippler, Henkel Consumer Adhesives

"The Duct Tape Guys outdrew all of our other stage events by a substantial margin. They’re comin’ back!"

Milwaukee Realtors' Home and Garden Show

"As one of the world’s leading materials suppliers with a well-known and respected brand name, we are often faced with telling our story in new, fresh, fun ways.  This was the greatest challenge we faced in preparing for our largest US trade show: NPE 2006 International Plastics Expo in Chicago, Illinois. Enter Tim Nyberg and Jim Berg – more famously known as “The Duct Tape Guys.”  [They provided] us a common-ground starting point from which we could draw humor and generate curiosity."


Media Feedback

"Thank you. You guys were awesome and saved the show."

Adam Dreyfus, Booking Manager/Guest Producer. Tech TV's 'Unscrewed'

"The Duct Tape Guys are hysterical! We laughed so hard, phlegm came up!"

WSNY, Columbus, OH

"You guys are GIANTS! Industrial Strength!"

Tim Ryan, Anchor, Good Day Dallas, Fox

"I'm sure you've been told this: Very funny, very good. And yeah, we'd be interested in having you back."

Bob Madden, KATY

"Duct Tape Tim, the Toolman Taylor, Carrot Top and Bob and Doug McKenzie together and you have The Duct Tape Guys"

Kevin Barnes, KBEM fm, Minneapolis, MN

"Possible the thinnest premise for a show we ever had and it went on for hours! Great fun!"

Bill Gross, CBS Radio

"Wow! Thank YOU!! You are a great interview! We hope to talk with you again soon!"

Karen and Denny, WHKR, Melbourne, FL

"These guys are charming!"

The Osgood File, CBS Radio

"Having you [the Duct Tape Guys] in our studio was our pleasure, believe me! In fact, I was just trying to remember who we've had on the show twice besides you guys -- you may be it!"

 Kurt V. - Producer, the Kathy and Judy Show, WGN, Chicago

"Thanks for taking time out for us this morning! You were fantastic! We had several calls afterwards. We look forward to being able to use you in the future. I am ALWAYS looking for good clean humor since we are a family-based country show. Thanks again Tim!"

Michael Chambliss, WQIK, Jacksonville, FL

"Their deadpan humor was a hit with the listeners and the positive e-mail keeps piling up!"

"The Duct Tape Guys made us laugh so hard that we had to be duct taped to our seats for safety"

 The Bob and Sheri Network

"We though you were great! We'd love to have you back!"

105.1fm The Groove, Detroit, MI

"We've never had so many callers on ANY topic. The phone rang for three days!"

FM100 Memphis, TN

"The best guest I've ever had."

Steve Winzenberg, WHO Radio

"You were a big hit here in Idaho when you were on our show last. For weeks we got comments about "that Duct Tape Guy". Most were even favorable!"

HomeFix with Joe and Stan

"You guys were on my show several months ago, and you made me laugh so hard it hurt. I'd love to have you back to discuss your ideas (I must be crazy)?"

Katie Pruett, KRLD 1080/Dallas-Fort Worth

"You’ve got to be our favorite guest ever!"

Rick and Kani, KGMY, Springfield, MO

"Hey, Tim, it was great having you on today!!!!! I got about eight hours notice you would be on, and was assured you would be a great guest... and it was true! Many thanks, and I look forward to talking with you again. I got a lot of good feedback on your appearance today, and I laughed my ass off - sincerely!  I hope the publishing world is making you filthy rich - you deserve it! "

Lee Jolly, KLDE, Houston




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