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About The Duct Tape Guys

The Duct Tape Guys (Tim Nyberg and Jim Berg) are two everyday guys who have dedicated their lives to duct tape.  As the authors of seven books documenting well over five thousand real and wacky uses for duct tape, Jim and Tim are constantly on the lookout for wildly creative uses of "The Ultimate Power Tool."  Their books and fifteen years of Page-A-Day Calendars have sold over three million copies, a testament to the universal appeal of duct tape.

It all started on Christmas Eve, 1993.  The power was out in the small Northeastern Wisconsin town where Jim and Tim's family was gathering for the holiday.  Jim made the comment, "I bet if I knew where the power outage was, I could fix it with duct tape."  Tim, (Jim's brother-in-law) who grew up on lesser tapes (masking and transparent tape), didn't understand how duct tape could solve the problem.  Jim's wife replied, "Oh, Jim fixes everything with duct tape!"  They proceeded to list some of the things duct tape has fixed in their household.  "There's a book in here!" Tim proclaimed.  He got out his laptop computer and the entire family sat around brainstorming uses for duct tape. So, on that cold, dark winter night, "The Duct Tape Guys" were born.

Outside of their duct tape world, Tim Nyberg is an artist, graphic designer, and advertising/marketing consultant and Jim Berg is an educational consultant for families of children with special needs ages birth to three.  They both reside in Door County, Wisconsin.  Together, they don their "Duct Tape Guy" apparel and become "Duct Tape Evangelists," making appearances around the world at home shows, conventions, colleges, corporate events, comedy clubs and on thousands of radio and television stations.



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