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Note: Horsager is pronounced (Horse – awe – grr). Thank you for reading the introduction as written with energy! 

The Intro.:

After directing an organization in Arkansas in his twenties, Dave Horsager moved back to Minnesota and started his first company.  It went so well that within 4 months he and his wife were living in a musty basement apartment with $1.40 to their name J.  

 Since then, Dave has grown 2 companies and has taken the platform on 4 continents.  He is a producer, professor, award-winning speaker and business strategist that researches and speaks on the bottom-line impact of trust. His new book, “The Trust Edge” has just been released.

Today/Tonight we are excited to have him here with us.  And now please welcome Dave Horsager!!!”


After Dave’s speech feel free to say something like:

“Thank you. One more hand for Dave. For those of you who are interested, he’s agreed to spend a few minutes signing copies of his new book at the back the conference room.”





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