Brian Olsen - performance artist



The lights go down and the excited chatter subsides as the audience turns toward the spotlight on the far side of the room. Suddenly an explosion of shouts and cheers erupts through the crowd as an energizing beat surges through the air and Brian Olsen charges onto the stage.

With his hands full of brushes, he begins an engaging acrobatic performance - sometimes throwing the paint, sometimes strategically planting a paint saturated elbow on the canvas, or rapidly tapping a series of marks with his fingertips.

Brian’s paintings of famous figures from world history to Hollywood, are choreographed in an awesome auditory and visual performance on a huge canvas, taking the audience through surprise, hilarity, suspense, and finally awe at the breathtaking likeness in a matter of minutes.

Brian usually performs a show consisting of 3 to 4
paintings in a day. They can be done together or broken up at various times during the day.  The paintings are usually from Brian's repertoire of various icons (see below for partial list). He can also paint people you are honoring at your event.


Sample Repertoire of Celebrities Brian Has Painted:

  • Humphrey Bogart

  • Marilyn Monroe

  • Jimmy Buffet

  • Johnny Cash

  • Albert Einstein

  • Teddy Roosevelt

  • Ray Charles

  • Elvis Presely

  • Elton John

  • Bruce Springsteen

  • Frank Sinatra

  • Abraham Lincoln

  • James Dean

  • Sting














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