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As featured on Entertainment Tonight, Fox & Friends, The Jerry Lewis MDA Telethon, New York Today, Crook & Chase, The Bold and the Beautiful, and NBC’s The World’s Most Dangerous Magic, Michael Grandinetti combines cutting edge illusions with music, comedy, suspense, and audience participation. 

Each show is created to provide you with exceptional entertainment that fits both their vision and their budget.

Specific Show Packages

Sleight of Hand / Close-Up Magic 

Witness amazing sleight of hand magic as Michael strolls throughout your event.  This personal, interactive style of entertainment creates magic just inches away from the audience.  Featured effects include borrowed dollar bills turning inside out, solid finger rings linking together, and even a marked coin vanishing and reappearing inside an uncut orange.

Solo Stand-Up Show

Michael’s stand-up show combines original platform effects with audience participation - pulling the audience into the magic.  This practical show is compatible with any venue, even outdoors.  Magical effects include the visual transformation of fire into a rose, borrowed personal items appearing inside a locked safe, a drawing comes to life to reveal the secret thoughts of an audience member, an interactive piece involving the entire audience at the same time, and much more.

Mid-Size Illusion Show

This platform show combines mid-sized illusions, music, and comedy to create an original and memorable performance.  Perfect for venues from banquet halls to theaters.  You’ll be amazed as Michael saws an audience member in half, melts his body through a solid wall, creates a live ghost onstage, levitates an audience member in mid-air, escapes from an authentic 1930’s restraint device, and much more.

GRAND ILLUSION                                                                        

Michael’s spectacular grand illusion show is truly an unforgettable theatrical experience.  Witness a 500 lb.motorcycle appear out of thin air, a man walk through the spinning blades of an industrial fan, a woman shrink in size to fit inside a 12” square box, a man levitates high above the stage while surrounded by the audience, a spectator passes through a wall of razor sharp steel spikes – and more!

Custom Grand Illusions

Are you looking for a magical way to unveil your new product, introduce a celebrity or featured executive, or kick off your event?  Michael Grandinetti can turn any idea or concept into reality.  In the past, Michael has materialized a full-size automobile, vanished a CEO from center stage, caused a borrowed scarf to fly over the heads of a Los Angeles fashion show audience – and this is just the beginning.  No idea is impossible! 

Factors affecting show cost include (but not limited to): 

  • Performance Length (shows can range from 20 minutes to 2 hours)

  • Performance Scale (number of large, medium, close-up illusions required)

  • Personnel required

  • Total duration of engagement

  • Travel distance

  • Custom magic effects or script required.



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