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What People Are Saying...

 Abracadabra is no longer the appropriate way to conjure up a spell.  Magic has found a new catch phrase and it goes ‘Michael Grandinetti!’  With a mind of illusion and a charming smile, Grandinetti made burning a woman in half look effortless.  The audience was smitten, chanting their ooh’s and aah’s”

Samara O’Shea

Duquesne University Duke

“Michael Grandinetti holds his own admirably with well executed levitation and fire illusions”    

Tom Gilbert

Los Angles Times

You are terrific!  I look forward to other such performances from you!”

Lee Miller, Executive Producer

2004 Jerry Lewis MDA Telethon 

“You gave us an excellent performance!  Don’t forget us next labor day”

Eddie Foy III, Senior Talent Consultant

2003 Jerry Lewis MDA Telethon

Fantastic, beautiful...a highlight!”

Marvin Hamlisch

Producer and Composer       

It’s amazing when you’re able to find something that you love so much at an early age and are willing to perfect your craft.  That’s what Michael did.  He is just amazing!”

Lorianne Crook and Charlie Chase

TNN’s Crook & Chase

That was awesome!  Thanks for a great show!”     

Buck Wise, Radio Personality

STAR 98.7 FM, Los Angeles


“Michael Grandinetti is well on his way to being one of the nation’s leading practitioners of magic” 

Jack Ruskin

The Pittsburgh Mirror                        

Then there was Michael.  Look out Copperfield.  You’ve got competition!”

Jules Lenier

Genii Magazine      

“You are brilliant and smooth and make for an excellent interview!”

John Garabo

Radio Personality

“You are quite a talented entertainer and magician!”

Kevin McClatchy

CEO and Managing General Partner

The Pittsburgh Pirates           

Great job on the NBC special - what fun it was to watch!”

Mary Andrulonis

South Hills Record

“I had promised the membership an inspiring display of magic and you hit the mark.  Your charisma, professionalism, and wit make you an exceptional entertainer.”

Joseph Iannuzzi

PA Association of Business Officials

“I sat in the audience the entire time either smiling or gasping in absolute amazement.  Aside from your incredible magic, you’re funny, charming, and most of all genuine.  Unique should be your middle name!”

Carrie Albrizio

Audience Member

“Your magic is amazing, but your charismatic presence both on and off stage is phenomenal.  Today you sure made me feel special.”

Bernadette Merrill

Audience Member                         

“I really didn’t expect much from a magic show but what a surprise I got!!  You were wonderful!!  You have charm and talent and have an exciting future ahead of you.  Thank you for a great time!”

Emily Fillmore

Audience Member

"Your show was fantastic!  Not only your incredible illusions, but your personality, charisma, and charm helped to make our event one that people are still talking about.  Remember us next year!"

       Thomas Lecorchich

Initiative Technology




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