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Impress your employees and customers with a nationally televised magician!  Michael Grandinetti may be the most exciting illusionist your business audience will ever experience.  Want proof?  His “Tower of Flaming Spikes” was featured on the NBC television special “The World’s Most Dangerous Magic II”.  He was one of seven of the world's best illusionists featured on the show.  The largest corps. in the country use Michael... find out why.

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Audiences around the world have hailed Michael Grandinetti as a very talented and creative young illusionist.   Over the years, his incredible magic has been featured on “Entertainment Tonight”, “New York Today”, “FOX & Friends”, “Crook & Chase”, “The Jerry Lewis MDA Telethon”, and the NBC television special “The World’s Most Dangerous Magic II”. 

In addition, Michael has created and developed custom magic presentations for major corporations including Hewlett Packard, Countrywide, Harley-Davidson, The Pittsburgh Pirates and Bayer.  He has also designed original illusions for Las Vegas and Branson production shows, national film and television projects, and for the series “Paolo Limiti” in Italy.

At Pittsburgh’s historic Byham Theater, a sell-out crowd of twelve-hundred people watched in amazement as Michael made a 500 lb. Harley-Davidson motorcycle appear in mid-air, brought a painting of a beautiful woman to life, and levitated on the point of a razor sharp sword. 

"Grandinetti made burning a woman in half look effortless.  The audience was smitten, chanting their ooh’s and aah’s”

Michael’s charisma and contemporary style were introduced to the world when he performed his original creation “The Tower of Flaming Spikes” on the NBC television special “The World’s Most Dangerous Magic II”.  While covered with a mixture of gasoline and kerosine and secured by chains, Michael had only sixty seconds to escape before two walls of flaming steel spikes were thrust towards him at over 50mph.  Bringing together seven of the world’s top illusionists, Michael was the youngest performer on the show.

In addition to performing before celebrity-filled galas, television specials, corporations and college campuses, Michael has performed over 150 shows at the world-famous Magic Castle in Hollywood.

That was awesome! Thanks for a great show!”   

When ABC Family wanted to promote their “World Magic Awards” television special, Michael was contacted to create and stage spectacular live demonstrations throughout New York City.  During  live New York City events,  crowds at Grand Central Station, Central Park, and Rockefeller Center watched in amazement as Michael levitated a woman while completely surrounded on the busy Manhatten streets.  Similarily, Michael caused a girl to float high above the Santa Monica Beach in California.   

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