Revealing Iraq - Fadi "Freddie" Fadhil & Lt. Col. Michael Baumann (u.s., ret.)


Revealing Iraq

A multi-media, interactive presentation supplying you with inside information regarding the Iraq war.  Your mind races and your heart tugs as you listen to stories that you could only get from people who lived in the midst of the struggle - not from someone who visited it for a few months.  This is an apolitical presentation - no sides are taken.  Audience members sometimes arrive expecting a debate, but instead find a civil discourse to get questions answered. 

Fadi "Freddie" Fadhil is an Iraqi citizen who escaped from Iraq before his death threats caught up with him.  Listen to Freddie's nightmare as shares with you stories you've never heard before.  Fadi Fadhil and Lt. Col. Baumann (USA ret.) built "cultural bridges" as the connected with the Iraqis to build life anew in Iraqi society.

Whether or not you agree with the war, this presentation provides a means to learn more about this very hot issue.  Students are also very eager to participate in the Q. & A. segment of the presentation.



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