Revealing Iraq - Fadi "Freddie" Fadhil & Lt. Col. Michael Baumann (u.s., ret.)



A unique presentation on the Iraq war not offered in any other seminar given at college campuses.  Listen to an Iraqi citizen who escaped from the country - with the help of a U.S. soldier - before the threats on his life became a reality.

Fadi Fadhil - Freddie to his friends - is an Iraqi citizen who served nearly two years as an interpreter for U.S. forces in Baghdad, his hometown.  You will hear about Freddie's nightmare as he shares personal experiences such as being thrown into prison for refusing to join Saddam's Baath Party. 

"Nothing you've seen in the media - TV-wise, radio-wise -- comes close to describing what life under Saddam was like.  It blows people's minds out when I tell them."  - Freddie Fadhil

Learn how the Iraqi people ratted on each other (for such "offenses" as having a satellite receiver) in order to receive a reward from the government such as a car.  It didn't matter that the father of the neighbor's house was killed, they had their gift.   

"Under Saddam, you'd do what the government wanted you to do, dream what they wanted you to dream, become what they wanted you to become.  When I was 5, my parents sat me down and taught me that 'what you hear in this house - our opinions, our beliefs -- stays in this house.  One chance slip and Mommy and Daddy could be gone forever."  -- Freddie Fadhil

Lt. Col. Michael Baumann - now retired - moved mountains to get Freddie out of Iraq and into the U.S.  Fadhil now lives in MN.  Baumann's unit built sewers, roads and schools and linked up with Fadhil who was their indispensable interpreter.  The two are also featured in the documentary movie "Interpreting Iraq".

This multi-media, interactive presentation does not take a political stand - it just reports the experiences of two people who lived the Iraq war.  This session offers insights you will never get from someone who was in Iraq for a couple of months with a camera and pen and pad of paper. 

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