Jeff Warner's Ultimate Strength - entertainer and speaker


Bring explosive energy to your campus!  Jeff Warner is an entertainer who will amaze you with his feats of strength.  He is also  packs a message that may impact the rest of your life!  Students will not be bored with Jeff Warner's Ultimate Strength Program! 


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Jeff Warner grew up in an abusive and broken home.  He applied himself athletically in high school and began to sharpen his focus towards a career in sports.  By the age of twenty, Jeff was boxing professionally followed by a career in professional wrestling.

Jeff has traveled with the Power Team performing feats of strength for audiences around the country. With his own Organization, Ultimate Strength, Jeff continues to present his message to tens of thousand of students across the United Sates.

Bricks crushed!  Bars Bents!  Horseshoes broken! Phone books ripped!   Baseball Bats Busted!  Hot water bottles blown up!

Ultimate Strength is the culmination of Jeff's passion & vision to creatively reach young adults.  Audiences are treated to motivational messages that are intermixed with feats of strength.

Don't miss this message... it will reach your students and change the atmosphere of your school.

Jeff's message challenges teenagers to abstain from drugs, alcohol and the use of tobacco.  His early life experience and accomplishments give Jeff a strong voice to speak against the use of violence and to be heard by even the toughest youth.  Jeff uses feats of strength to get and keep the attention of students while encouraging them to reach their highest potential. 

STANDING STRONG Against Peer Pressure.... TEARING DOWN Walls of Discrimination... CRUSHING THROUGH Adversity.  

Travels from:

Pine City, MN.

Available for:

Community Festival, Family Entertainment, Family Weekend, Homecoming Week, Lecture Series, Lil' Sibs Event, Spring Fling / Spring Fest, Student Entertainment, Student Orientation, Welcome Week.

Call now to schedule Jeff Warner's Ultimate Strength for your next event!      763-550-0513.




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