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Bring a world champion to your campus!  Dustin Kelm is an extreme unicyclist who opens eyes with his stunt-filled performances and opens ears with his challenging messages.

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Dustin will give students an extreme Challenge to have Character to make good Choices which can Change their lives!   Dustin's programs are unique and exciting and make even the pre-show skeptic walk away impressed. His one-of-a-kind performance incorporates stirring messages illustrated with world-class unicycling set to high-energy music. 

"I was really skeptical at first, I'm not going to lie, but Dustin tore it up!  The kids loved it!"

"Dustin did a great job connecting with our audience."

Using unicycling as a metaphor, Dustin gives a vivid demonstration of persistence and dedication, challenging youth to have the character to accomplish anything they put their minds to.  This is a program like no other!

College Visitation Weekend:

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Minneapolis, MN

Available For:

Community Festival, Family Entertainment, Family Weekend, Homecoming Week, Lecture Series, Lil' Sibs Event, Spring Fling / Spring Fest, Student Entertainment, Student Orientation, Visitation Weekend, Welcome Week.

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