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Bring the essential sound of the Big Apple to your campus! Blue Meadow's sound embodies the styles of NYC.  And it's smooth & intoxicating; try it - you'll like it - a lot!


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Get ready for a band that epitomizes in song the diversity of New York City. This rock and roll band defies the common idea of what rock bands should sound and look like. Born in the Bronx, NY these gentlemen experienced the best and worst of the human spirit. A musical journey meant to inspire individuality amongst chaos in the greatest city of the world.

Blue Meadow is different from other bands in several different ways. How so? First off, they are an all African American rock band which is somewhat rare. Secondly, they all sing. What?! That's right - they all  sing and everyone is capable of singing lead and...they all do...even the drummer. The third difference is  that they incorporate intricate harmony. Blue Meadow loves harmony (as you probably do) each member has sung a capella at one point in their lives.  Fourth, and this is a big deal, they want to string together influential, powerful, and positive music. They debunk the stereotype that the things that sell are the negative influences. Blue Meadow supports art, love, responsibility, learning, and still be popular.

Blue Meadows influences range from the Beatles, Take 6, Boys II Men, Coldplay, Phil Collins, Paul Simon, Stevie Wonder, Lady Antebellum; people who paved the way into pop culture who wouldn't normally get into because of their genre or make up.

Travels From:

New York, NY

Available For:

Community Festivals, Concerts, Dance Parties, Family Weekend, Homecoming Week, SpringFest / Spring Fling, Student Entertainment, Welcome Week.

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