Abe Parker -  Alternative Pop-Rock Artist


About Abe Parker


My name is Abe Parker. I am a red-headed native of Blue Rock, OH. I have been playing guitar since I was like 5. My first band was called Artificially Flavored. Even though we did more skateboarding than practicing I managed to fall in love with performing at an early age. My favorite thing in the world is singing and jumping to music with a large crowd of people (the more the better). Most of the time I am too shy to ask folks to dance at my concerts, but when it just happens it almost feels like heaven.

In 2012 I packed up my Honda and headed to Atlanta, GA. I have been sleeping on a lot of couches to save up for tours. Not having any connections I began playing on the street and handing out my CD to almost anyone I met. At the Ragamuffin Music Hall I got an opportunity to perform and met a producer. I have been writing and recording at his studio, The Renegade Room.  I have traveled from NY to MN to GA performing at festivals, opening for larger artists and entertaining folks on the streets.







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