Why choose us?

We value you and your business and we want your event to be a  success. And we can deliver!


We've been in the talent agency business since 1991.   The speakers and entertainers that we represent have been serving the Christian market for many years.  Most of these individuals have served across the country and internationally.   These are not novice performers.  They love Jesus and they are exceptional performers.

Christian Talent

Our Christian roster is not only top shelf, but the programs are clean, decent, moral and uplifting. Our speakers can talk from a variety of Christian related topics (e.g. Adversity, Outreach, Prayer, etc.) and our  artists include a biblical truth or the gospel message in most of their programs.  They will work with you to make sure you are getting the program you want.  

Excellent Communication

We create contracts between you, the client, and the performer. This virtually erases any miscommunications as everyone's expectations are managed.  We will also talk to you as much as you need to ensure a smooth event.


We do the negotiating, which isn't what most people like to do.  We handle all the details and tough questions for you.  We also think of the questions or potential issues that you might not think of until it's too late.

Superb Talent Line-Up

The Barry Agency represents only high quality, wholesome entertainers and speakers. We have exceptionally high standards for our talent in an effort to make your event the best it can be.   If our lineup does not meet your immediate need, let us know and we will do a search for other speakers and entertainers that can fit your event and budget.  We do the research on any talent that you are interested in that we do not directly represent.  However, we will not pursue talent types that do not match our profile.

Eliminate the Hassles

It takes time and experience to find potential entertainers and speakers that may fit your venue. Likewise, it also takes an effort to contact them, research their performance history, get referrals, agree on a date, coordinate details and publish a contract.

The Proper Perspective

We focus on making you and your event successful. 

Equipped for Emergencies

 What happens if your scheduled entertainer or speaker is prevented from making your event at the last minute due to an illness, cancelled flight, cancelled speaker or whatever? This rarely happens. But if it does, our network can save the day!  On several occasions, we were able to locate last-minute, high-quality, substitutions for event planners facing an emergency.