Norm Barnhart - magician



About Norm

Norm is a very accomplished entertainer.  He delights audiences with magic and with balloons.  In fact, he has written books on that same topic: entertaining with magic or balloons.  It always reassuring to know that you booked a bona-fide expert for your event.

Norm has performed at many businesses, community events, fairs and festivals, schools, churches, community events and libraries.


  • 1979 - Present: Illusion/Comedy Entertaining in 43 states.

  • 1996-1998:  Regular character on the weekly kids television program: The Solid Rock Kid's Cafe.


  • Author of 5 books on entertaining with magic or balloons.

  • Performed with the late Shari Lewis.

  • Received an Award of Excellence from the National Association of County Information Officers (aka Librarians).

  • Columnist for Laugh Makers magazine, an international publication for a variety of entertainers.

  • Contributing writer for Clowning Around Magazine, the publication of The World Clown Association.





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