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Warning: Molly's energy is contagious; your audience will be inspired and motivated to go on a fun and exhilarating adventure (with Christ!) and make a difference!

Molly Sanborn grew up in Minneapolis, MN but her thirst for adventure has taken her around the world.  She has traveled to ten countries and has become quite familiar with her own as she travels state to state as a full-time speaker.  She has spoken to over 50,000 teens and young adults over the last five years. 

Molly tackles many topics, from how to “Keep Your Pants On” to “Keeping Your Eyes on Jesus” and also addresses pro life audiences.  Whether teaching young people how to set boundaries and develop character or how to open their Bible and pray, Molly will bring passion and perspective, which stems from a genuine love of God and His Word.

 "Molly's energy, enthusiasm, wit and moral values allowed her to earn immediate respect from all our students. 

Molly is passionate about teenagers but has plenty of experience addressing audiences of all ages.  Molly loves to speak at women and girls events, mother-daughter retreats, father-daughter events and pro life banquets. She also speaks with her husband, Craig.  As a team, they are capable of relating to both male and female audiences in a culture that is desperately looking for speakers who practice what they preach. 


“Amazing!! Please have Molly next year!  She’s the best ever!”

"You really inspired me and truly changed my life!! I never thought that one person could change my life the way you did! I would like to thank you for being such a huge insparation to us all!!"  

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College Messages, Church Events, Conferences, Mother / Daughter Events, Father / Daughter Purity Balls, Pro Life Banquets, School Assemblies & Chapels, Singles Retreats, Summer Camps, Youth Group Retreats.

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