Kristen Spielman - comedian


Kristen has a gift for making the ordinary extraordinarily funny!  Warning: her stories may make you double over and cause your sides to ache with laughter. 

Kristen makes people laugh at everything from Tingling Tea Tree shampoo to airplane sleep masks.  Her ability to think quickly on her feet distinguishes each performance as its own.  Her clean, non-offensive material appeals to audiences from all walks of life.

Despite the chronic unintended hilarity of Kristen's family during her formative years, she spent the first half of her life taking herself way too seriously.  Kristen dreamed of changing the world through her intellect and sincerity.  The bubble burst upon entering marriage and motherhood.  Since then, instead of viewing life through the "it happens" lens, she views it though the "make it happens" lens.

Though she still strikes out sometimes, Kristen's ability to hit life's curveballs with energetic wit helps her take everyday experiences and turn them into comedic home-runs.  Her authentic animation coupled with her amusing story-telling style make for a comedic experience that gives the cheeks and abs a workout, no sweat required.


Travels From:

 Woodbury, Minnesota

Available For:

Banquets, Camps & Retreats, Church Events, Comedy Nights, Conferences, Fundraisers, Mother / Daughter Events, Outreach Events, Women's Events.

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