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The laughs come fast and furious in John's high-energy performances that are both hysterically funny and non offensive.  This Christian comic delivers the laughs as he shares some of his real life experiences. 

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 John Branyan is one of the top Christian comics in the USA! People in the comedy industry describe John as a 'natural comic'. With sharp, polished material and a perfect sense of timing, every show is a little different and totally unforgettable. He's comfortable in front of small groups and big crowds and his high energy performance leaves the audience literally 'crying with laughter'.

John's razor-sharp observations and keen comedy insights dispense vital information on topics ranging from the dangers of baby ducklings to how to write rock songs to how dentists can improve their image.

 “brilliant, extremely funny, a laugh-out-loud, one-man

tour de force.”

Described as 'highly likeable' by critics and peers, John punctuates every performance with a kinetic enthusiasm that yields big laughs and won't leave a filthy residue. 

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Banquets, Church Events, Christian Colleges,  Fundraisers, Non-Profit Christian Organizations, Outreach Events, Youth Rallies.


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