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Joe Senser

Soak in the fascinating testimonial of an NFL Tight End and Pro Bowler whose story is fame, fortune, faith and forgiveness.  Joe Senser will inspire your audience to grow closer to Christ.


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Joe grew up in an orphanage and had a lot to be bitter about.  Before his father died, Joe says that they were a praying family and his dad showed him how to pray.  He knew about Jesus Christ all his life, but he never knew him - a huge difference.

Joe  didn't put Jesus first while growing up and didn't want a relationship with Him as a Minnesota Viking.  But a Viking coach had other plans for him and he would consistently ask Joe about his walk with the Lord.  Joe would run the other way because he didn't understand and besides, he was a pro athlete.  He didn't need Jesus, he thought.   He led a comfortable life and kept Christ on the shelf and pulled him down when he had a need.  

But the Lord kept knocking and Joe eventually responded and he now travels the country talking about his time in the NFL and how much his life has changed.  His personal story is his testimony.

Joe has a heart to reach others for Christ.  He can serve as either a speaker or emcee at your event.  

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Banquets, Conferences, Father / Son Events, Men's Ministry Events, Outreach Events, Prayer Breakfasts and Special Church Events.

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