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About Jeff Warner

Jeff Warner is a living story of child abuse and poverty.  He overcame adversity to become a professional boxer and wrestler; he achieved the “American Dream” at the age of 20.  Despite his financial success he had no purpose. He tried to fulfill his emptiness with the high of drugs and alcohol. This only clouded his vision more and created false promises. Eventually Jeff lost his identity and his boxing career. He was left with no other choice but to move home to Minnesota. On the verge of ending his life, Jeff was introduced to Jesus Christ by Jennifer Bronson. Jennifer later became Jeff’s wife and the two have been married for 16 years and have four boys of their own.


  • Started wrestling in 1989 in the NWA's Pacific Northwest territory. He formed a tag team with Art Barr known as "The Juice Patrol".  Jeff was "Big Juice". 

  • Appeared briefly in World Championship Wrestling in 1990 as one half of "Maximum Overdrive" with Tim Hunt.  

  • Wrestled in Pro Wrestling America in the early 1990's and won the tag team titles with Hunt and the television title while there.

  • In 1990, he arrived in WCW as J.W. Storm and later became Maxx Muscle, the hulking muscular bodyguard for Diamond Dallas Page.  

  •  In 1995, Maxx joined Kevin Sullivan's Dungeon of Doom.

  • Wrestled with Pro Wrestling Iron. 

  • In 2002, Jeff became an ordained Minister through the International Ministerial Fellowship (IMF) and started the Ultimate Strength Ministry

About Ultimate Strength

As a family, the Warner’s are dedicated to their father’s biggest fight of his life against the worldly evils that tempt and destroy millions of lives throughout the world.  Jeff speaks with compassion about his conversion with a message of HOPE, RESTORATION, and REDEMPTION.

Ultimate Strength is a captivation combination of feats of strength and a concrete message that illustrates the STRENGTH of Samsom, the WISDOM of Solomon , and the COMPASSION of Christ needed to develop the Ultimate Strength inside each one of us.

The purpose of Ultimate Strength Ministries is to identify, cultivate, and support the gifts and abilities of others so that they can take their place of leadership and responsibilities in the local church and community pertaining to their purpose.

Strength is the God given power to face adversity, overcome obstacles and break through the barriers. Wisdom is God’s gift of discernment to us in order to realize the power of choice in each one of our lives, to tear down the discrimination and recognize the stumbling blocks, we all face, on the path of life.Compassion is to become Christ like to build relationships, face our responsibilities and return a sense of community back into the neighborhoods across America

The Ultimate Strength mission is to see 15 Million people commit their lives to Jesus Christ by explaining, illustrating, and applying the Good News of Christ Jesus through non-traditional ministries.

The primary vision is to identify and reach the un-churched. The focus being on the adolescents and teenagers with the Good news of Jesus, the burden breaking, yoke destroying anointed one, and to encourage them to maximize their potential to fulfill their purpose and destiny in Christ Jesus. Also to reach out to the American man that the role of a Father might be reconciled to God through Jesus Christ, the Anointed One.

Feats of Strength Accomplishments

  •  Most concrete Broken in a single elbow strike (22)

  • Most concrete Broken in a single forearm strike (40)

  • Most concrete Broken in a double forearm strike (20) (20)

  • Most concrete Broken in a double elbow strike (20) (20)

  • Most concrete Broken with a head strike (20)

Wrestling Accomplishments

  • 2-Time NWA Pacific Northwest Tag Team Champion (with Art Barr)

  • 1-Time PWA Tag Team Champion (with Tim Hunt)

  • 1-Time PWA Television Champion






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