Ginger Millermon - speaker, author & vocalist



What People Are Saying...

Thank you for the significant time you spent with us at our Christmas outreach event. Your sweet presence, beautiful voice, heart-stirring lyrics, compelling story and simple, yet clear Gospel presentation made a profound impact on unbelievers and believers alike.
We have heard many stories of women who made genuine decisions for Christ or took a step closer to Him.
-- Laurie McIntyre, Elmbrook Church, WI

Two years ago Ginger came to my church. God healed me of my abortion that day. I had been struggling so hard to forgive myself. She returned 3 weeks ago and blessed our church. Ginger, I just want to tell you again thank you for being faithful to the Lord and the call He has placed on your life. God bless!
-- Joanne, Pontotoc, MS

Ginger has blessed me. She has helped me to turn my life around. I always knew I could trust God, but I never thought about when trials come up, how I need to rely FULLY on God. Ginger spoke of so many verses in the Bible that really encouraged me to follow in my walk with Him. Especially the verse "Be still and know that I am God." That is a verse I will cherish the rest of my life.
-- Elissa, NY

Ginger will capture your heart and hold you spellbound as you travel along with her on her journey of faith. Ginger's ability to praise and glorify God as she shares the struggles she and her husband faced, as well as the blessings they received, will truly leave your spirit renewed.
-- Ladies Seminar, Knox, PA       

Ginger struck a sweet and resounding chord with us! Her compelling story, clear and simple gospel message, heart-stirring music and endearing personality made her a fabulous fit for our event!
-- Laurie McIntyre,
    Elmbrook Church Brookfield, WI