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Ginger Millermon is a gifted songwriter, vocalist, author, women's speaker, and worship leader ministering to thousands in churches, women's conferences, and pro-life events across the country. Ginger has been a "top 40" songwriter and recording artist for several years and has just released her fourth album. Ginger has recently had two "top 10" singles. "Your Majesty is Everywhere" reached #6 on CRW INSPO charts and "Speak Peace" reached to #9 on the charts. Ginger's testimony has been chronicled in her book, "Grace Thus Far," and will be featured this spring on "The Harvest Show"(LeSea TV), Familynet Television, Daystar Television, and plans are being made for the 700 Club. Ginger has also been featured on national radio programs such as 'Focus on the Family', 'Moody Broadcasting Network', and 'American Family Radio.'
Ginger was four years old when she accepted Jesus Christ to be her personal Savior. Almost immediately God began to work on her heart. By the time she was in high school, Ginger knew that she wanted to serve God with her life.

Ginger met her husband, Joel, at Calvary Bible College in Kansas City, MO, where they both graduated. The Millermons served in youth ministry for several years before the Lord began to give them a new direction.

“I started composing music years ago but it wasn’t until God took our family through extremely hard times that I began to really write from my heart and see my music as a tool to minister to the needs of others. I want to bring hope and encouragement by expressing through testimony and music how God has touched and healed my heart.”

Several years ago the Millermons had twin boys, Brennan and Jarrott. They were premature and Jarrott spent more than a year in the hospital and his first few years of life on a ventilator. Nearly all of Jarrott’s doctors gave up on him, saying he had no hope of survival.

Between the hours spent caring for Jarrott, juggling the needs of Brennan and their eighteen-month-old daughter, McKenzie, the Millermon’s often felt at the end of their rope.

“Trusting God suddenly became more than a cliché --it became the only way for us to survive. I am reminded every day when I look at Jarrott, how faithful God is to us. Even recently, doctors from Johns Hopkins University just shook their heads in amazement and said, “There’s no way this child should be alive today.”

Through her contemplative music and testimony, Ginger shares the miraculous story of not only their son’s remarkable medical journey, but also the changes and work God has done in their family through these trials. She has an unforgettable message for today’s culture and her soul-stirring music will inspire hearts and minds of all ages.

“Our goal in our ministry is really two-fold: our prayer is that everyone who hears our story and music will be encouraged and find hope in their walk with God. But the message is not only for the believer. We want to invite anyone who has never received Jesus Christ as their personal Savior to not miss the opportunity to commit their lives to Him. This is what we pray will be accomplished in every concert.”





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