Dustin Kelm - unicyclist, speaker, actor



Dustin's Shows

Think extreme shows with a message.  The programs include stunts with a variety of unicycles: freestyle, mountain, racing, the ultimate wheel, a double wheel (no trick here, its not a bike), a six-footer and for the grand finale that youth screams for: the ten footer.

The captivating presentation is a vivid demonstration of persistence and dedication, showing youth that they can accomplish anything they put their minds to.  This is a program like no other!

Through his performing and speaking Dustin has been seen and heard by millions around the world as he uses the unicycle as a tool to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

The UniShow:  one life, one message, one wheel

one life… Dustin connects with his audience speaking from his own experiences dealing with: rejection, parents divorce, suicide, relationships, purity, perseverance, becoming a world champion and more. 

one message… to live a life surrendered to Jesus Christ. 

one wheel... Dustin illustrates his life and message through a one of a kind presentation using the tool of extreme unicycling to captivate youth of all ages.

Program Length: approx. 45 minutes.





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