Dustin Kelm - unicyclist, speaker, actor





What People Are Saying...

Crazy skills – wild spectacle – powerful testimony.”

Bill Haslim

Pastor for Student Ministries

Community Presbyterian, Danville CA 

“The personal story brought incredible validity to what and why you do what you do…It is both exciting and compelling.”

Deana Dickerson

Jr. High Director

Community Presbyterian

Danville, CA 

“I was really skeptical at first, I’m not going to lie, but Dustin tore it up!  The kids loved him!”

Sarah Konen

Junior High Associate

Constance Free Church

Andover MN 

“Dustin’s program hit every aspect of exciting, from his message to his performing.  He engaged the whole audience with not only his performing, but also God’s message of hope and life!  He was incredible! Not many people can catch 200 6th-8th grade students attention for 45 minutes.  Dustin did – he was phenomenal.”

Jason Bollback

Pastor of Junior High Ministries

Constance Free Church

Andover, MN 

“The message was very applicable. Touched many issues kids struggle with.”

Peter Paulson

Pastor of Student Ministries

Riverside Church

Monticello, MN

“Great program; very worth having.”

“Fabulous, exciting.”


Wooddale Church

Eden Prairie, MN 

“You have a unique blend of talents and testimony; God is clearly using you to touch children’s lives.”

Sarah Storvick

Director of Children’s Ministries

Resurrection Lutheran

Woodbury, MN 

“I thought the program was excellent and I liked the way he tied his experiences to his journey of faith.  He really captured the kids attention and interest!”

“Very positive from ALL.”

Staff Members

Resurrection Lutheran Church

Woodbury MN 

“Very entertaining but with purpose.”

“Dustin did a great job connecting with our crowd.”

“Great show and worthwhile; Dustin was a treat to work with.”

“The ‘WOW’ factor…like ‘No, he didn’t just do that!’” 

Staff at World Outreach Church youth event

Murfreesboro, TN 

“The quality of performance earned the right from the audience to listen.”

Dennis Siler

Living Water Bible Camp Executive Director

Westby, WI 

“I liked the combining of physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, humor, sight, sound, and song (music).  I am even more impressed than I thought I would be…”

Adam Timberlake

Young Life ReaLife Director

Stillwater MN

 “I’m going to meet your God soon. I need a God like yours!”

A woman at the “Too Much Fun” fundraiser for Angeltree, Maple Grove MN

“I Don’t think anyone ever has had that long of a clap at chapel!”

“I liked the really tall unicycle.  Is it 41 feet tall?”

“You must have to practice alot and you must half to have alot of strength and courage also faith and I no who gave you all of courage and faith God did.” 

1st graders

The Lovett School

 Atlanta, GA 

“It was totally awesome and radical.”


King’s Christian School

“I wish all of our chapels were like that.”

“I had a lot of giggles, it was fun you should come back sometime again.”

“I really liked your performance, a lot!  You really kept all of us on the edge of our seats!”

“Thanks for coming 2 our school, it was the best chapel of all.”

7th graders, King’s Christian School 

“I hope you are covered with insurance.  Also consider writing your will.”

8th grader, King’s Christian School





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