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About Dustin

Dustin is not your average unicyclist.  His experience and awards speak for themselves.  He went from learning how to ride the bike, to setting world records in the sport of unicycling to performing around the world.  Plus, he articulates clear Christian messages that resonate with audiences. 


Becoming a world champion and three-time national champion has not been an easy ride for Dustin Kelm.  The whole process began when Dustin received his first unicycle as a gift at the age of ten.  Through much persistence and dedication he taught himself how to ride.  After two years, Dustin found a local unicycle club and discovered there was more he could do on a unicycle besides his paper route.

 Over the next few years, Dustin discovered the thrill of the sport of unicycling.  Dustin excelled in racing and freestyle events, setting numerous national and world records in each age bracket during his jr. and sr. high years.  The life experiences gained from national and world competitions at such a young age have been invaluable. 

Not content with simply unicycling, Dustin continues to hone his performance skills and also endeavors to further his extensive training in theatre and physical movement.  In 1992, Dustin kicked off his solo-performing career with a tour in Japan.  At that time, Dustin began developing what has become a one of a kind performance incorporating inspirational and motivational messages illustrated with world-class unicycling set to high-energy music. 


  • First Place Collins Cycles Freeride Extreme Mt Bike Competition (on a unicycle); 2004

  • Mountain unicycling national champion.

  • Three time men's expert freestyle national champion

  • Men's Expert freestyle silver medalist.

  • Expert pairs freestyle silver medalist.

  • Numerous national and world age group records and titles in the 13-14, 25-16 and 17-18 age categories.

  • Performed and competed throughout North America, South America, Europe and Asia.

  • Certified Professional Presenter.

  • Studies and training include communications and Bible at Northwestern College in St. Paul, MN, pantomime with EPPIC Ministries and modern dance.

  • World Title Highlights:

  • Gold and bronze medalist at the 2002 world championships, Seattle, WA

  • Men's expert freestyle world champion.

  • Men's expert freestyle world champion

  • Expert pairs freestyle silver medalist

  • Former 160 mete world record holder

  • Holder of the world speed record on an ultimate wheel

  • Downhill gliding world champion (30+ mph on one wheel!).

  • Played Jesus in several Easter productions at various churches in MN (Pine City Evangelical Free Church, t Grace Church in Eden Prairie and Wayzata Evangelical Free Church.

Media Attention

  • Numerous newspaper, magazine, radio and network television appearances in the United States, Canada, England, Japan, Peru and Paraguay including:

  • ESPN's "Amazing Games"

  • Feature of the program "Lifeline" on the Pacific Broadcast Association network in Asia.

  • Guest instructor on "Introduction to Unicycling" video produced by Unicycle.com


To know Christ and follow His example, boldly proclaiming the fire of His truth around the world.  Giving glory to God through the life, talent, ability and resources he has entrusted to us, for the sake of eternity.

Matthew 5:17-20,  Mark 10:45,

Luke 4:43, 12:49, 19:10,

John 17:4, 18:9,  I Timothy 1:15 


  •  Utilize Dustin’s influence as a World Champion unicyclist to perform and speak at youth events, missions festivals, evangelistic outreaches, retreats, camps, music festivals and school assemblies around the world. 

  •   Present a one of a kind performance that captivates youth of all ages. 

  •   Use God given talents and abilities such as extreme unicycling as a tool to share the power of life in Jesus Christ.



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