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Daren's Programs

Daren's comedy programs cover a variety of topics including dating, marriage, dentists, hotels, friends, anger management (school program) and other life observations.

Churches & Youth Groups

They say it doesn't usually work this way, but many years ago Daren Streblow received an unusual call on his life--to become a stand-up comedian. Daren didn't know that God was in the business of appointing entertainers to do Kingdom work, but he didn't argue. He stepped out of a career in Christian radio and became a comedian.

His performances started exclusively in churches, but with the prompting of his mentor Brad Stine, Daren began doing work in comedy clubs. He felt that in order to minister to people who have no interest in God, he had to first learn how to entertain them using clean comedy.

Daren is perfect for outreach events, because you don't have to be a Christian to enjoy the his clean comedy. In his routines, he often mentions that he is a Christian, and shares hilarious observations about living the Christian life in today's world.

Your audience will love his professional comedy combined with the Light of the Gospel. Daren will gain your audience's trust through laughter, and plant the seed of the Gospel through their trust.

Daren's Anti-Violence School Program  

"Gaining trust through laughter--educating through trust."


Meet Daren Streblow--a guy who was verbally and physically abused by his classmates, and wasn't violent in return. Instead he learned how to communicate well, which eventually turned his enemies into good friends.

In response to the high number of school shootings across the country, Daren has launched an anti-violence program that is getting praise for its humorous delivery and culture-changing content. After much research on the causes and cures for violence, he has put together a program that shows the true results of hurting others and gives the audience tools for conflict resolution.

In the presentation, Daren walks the audience through the various myths portrayed in popular media: violence will make you powerful, violence will win you love, violence will get you an exciting career, and violence will solve your conflicts. After pointing out the foolishness of these ideas, he then shows the best way to solve problems--communication. He shows by personal experience that communication is a very powerful way to have better relationships, better jobs, and better conflict resolution. 






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