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Critters & Company Programs


  • Attitude

  • Change

  • Character Development

  • Family

  • Men  

  • Parenting

  • Senior Ministries

  • Sensitivity

  • Spiritual Growth

  • Teambuilding


Friends and Spiritual Choices

The Friends program is the most popular of all Critters & Company presentations.  Although recommended to be used as part of the worship experience, the Friends program has been well received by all ages.  Various animal species are used to stimulate an awareness of the friendship we can have with Jesus and with others. (Animals included in this show Cockatoo, Blue/Gold Macaw, African Tortoise, and Dog - animals could be substituted). 

Animals: cockatoo, macaw, snake, tortoise, dog*

God's Choice / Our Responsibility 

  • Freedom of Choice

  • Stupidity mess ups

  • God's utmost choice of redemption - Jesus

Diversity of God's Creation

 Critters & Company explains how our infinitely creative God made animals unique from one another and people unique form one another.

Animals: dove, macaw, amazon parrot, rabbit, squirrel, big snake, cockato*

Attitudes That Make a Difference

 The power of one's attitude.

Animals: Amazon Parrot, Great horned owl, Tortoise, wallaby, snake, dove, hedgehogs*

Adult Programs

Parenting for the Future

  • Building sensitivity for your children

  • Understanding past histories

  • Keeping it simple

 When a Man's a Man

  • Sensitivities

  • Pain

  • Working With Priorities

Critters & Company has other presentations available dealing with interpersonal relationships and diversity.

* - The animals used in the programs may change slightly without notification.




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