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Talk about a unique and high-quality show!  Critters and Company are excellent communicators who captivate audiences with character based messages reinforced through the use of animals.

Critters and Company offers wildlife shows with a purpose.  Programs are based on the belief that successful families are the heart of a nation.  The  Spiritual Friends Program promotes interaction and individual discovery while fostering an understanding of others and our relationship with Jesus Christ through proven innovative techniques.  Christians are trained on how to care for themselves and their neighbors.   The company's use of live animals provides a realistic approach to address  tough personnel issues.  

Do you want your audience to remember the presenter's message?  It's a fact: instructional messages combined with the use of live objects results in a visual stimulation increases memory retention.  

Critters & Company combines main presenter Greg Olson's experiences of working with young people and their families with stories and live animals to inspire each of us to make a difference.  In the program, Critters & Company takes basic concepts of friendship and responsibility and illustrates them through the God-given characteristics of each animal.


"Students were genuinely moved."

Critters & Company empowers individuals to make a difference! 

Travels From:

Buffalo, MN

Available For:

Children's Ministry, Christian School Assemblies,  Church Events, Non-Profit Christian Organizations.

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