1.  What is the Barry Agency?

The Barry Agency is a talent agency connecting businesses, colleges/universities, churches, schools, fairs and other organizations with professional, clean talent for special events.  The Barry Agency is located in Minnesota and has been in business since 1991.

 2.   How much does it cost to book a speaker or entertainer?

Prices vary from several hundred dollars to the thousands of dollars.  Bigger names translate into larger audiences for your event, but their price tag will be higher.  We do our best to accommodate every budget and are committed to finding quality talent with through our agency.

Note: when calculating your budget, remember to add misc. expenses (e.g. travel, lodging, etc.).

 3.  Why should I use The Barry Agency and not book the talent directly?

Good question.  First of all, The Barry Agency will work with you to determine what speaker or entertainer best matches your event.  There may be someone else who is a better fit than your first choice.  Second, we represent you and the talent.  We are a broker who knows what questions to ask of both parties and what details need to go into a formal contract.  And we do the negotiating.   Third, we save time and headaches as we do all of the communication with the talent.  Fourth, you can feel free to ask questions about the talent that might be awkward to ask the talent directly.  Fifth, if the talent has to cancel due to illness or some other unforeseen reason, we can find a last minute replacement.  

 4. Can you still help if I can’t find what I'm looking for on your talent roster?

Absolutely! If you have someone specific in mind, we can make the appropriate contacts.  If you are just looking for more options than you see on our web site, we can still help.  We have a list of quality people who are not on our active roster for various reasons, but we can still tell you about them and book them for you.  We are committed to getting you the speakers and entertainers that would be a great fit and make your event successful.  

 5. How much time will the speaker or entertainer spend at my event?

The length of time varies with the artist / speaker and the program. Generally, the talent will take approximately 30 – 60 minutes.  But remember, you also provide input to this process.

 6. What is the best way to get a booking started with The Barry Agency?

Tell us about your event by contacting us through the telephone, in an email message or through our online information request form.  If you don’t know whom you want specifically for your event, we will talk through options that best fit your event and budget.  Because a common hurdle is finding an open date for the selected talent, please don’t wait too long to get the process under way.

 7.  What happens after we book a specific talent?

After scheduling the speaker, we will send you a contract containing all of the details regarding the talent and your event. (See Understanding the Contract). Review it carefully and return it signed if no changes needed.  The contract may also contain certain requirements that you can start pursing right away (reserving a hotel room, securing audio equipment, etc.)

And, most importantly, tie up loose ends and promote your event like crazy. (See After The Ink Dries)

 8.  Will the artist / speaker, or The Barry Agency, furnish any promotional materials for my event?

Available materials vary by artist. In most cases, we can provide a picture and a bio that can be used in your material.  Promotional material may also be downloaded for a particular artist / speaker; just select the Material tab for the person to see what is available. 

 9.  What happens when the entertainer / speaker is late to my event?  Or, worse, what if he or she cancels?

These situations rarely occur. However, there are times when the talent has traffic or navigation issues and is running late. If the talent is not on time and you are getting nervous, please contact us ASAP. We will call the person immediately.

If the talent decides to cancel, we will first try to persuade him or her to not do so.  We also ask the talent to explain their situation to you directly.  If he or she still needs to cancel, we will work with you to find a top-notch replacement. In the worse case scenario where a suitable replacement cannot be found, we will reimburse your down payment.

 10. Can we record the presentation?

Unfortunately, you cannot video or audio record without the artist’s permission.  This is because the presenter’s performance is usually copyrighted.

 11. Can we spend any time with our presenter outside of the event?

Unless the talent is rushing from one engagement to another, this is usually possible.  Often the person will arrive early enough so that he / she is available for any promotional needs or to just visit with the event’s organizer, sponsor, VIPs or whomever else you would like.  Just tell us if you would like the person available for such an occasion so that there will not be any unmet expectations.

 12.   Will the talent be selling their merchandise at the event?

Speakers are often authors with books to sell – they would welcome the opportunity to be able to sell their materials at your events.  If this is possible, please ask for volunteers to assist with this activity.